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What Is Account Wizard?
Account Wizard is an exciting new service that you can use to create an e-Company on the Internet.  Account Wizard will benefit your company by providing the following features:

Account Wizard Network works with your accounting system to build your e-Company website.  Your customers can then surf your website to find account information, order items and learn about your company.  Because Account Wizard is on the Internet, you are able to provide your customers the convenience of on line shopping and account information 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days a year.

Account Wizard is fundamentally different from the current breed of e-commerce packages on the market today.  This difference rests on a key issue, setup and management of the interactive website.  While most systems require you to enter items into an e-commerce website, Account Wizard will actually communicate with your accounting system on a nightly basis, to keep your website accurate and up-to-date. As information changes in your accounting system, your website is automatically updated to reflect these changes. There is no need for double entry!

You can update your website daily, weekly, monthly or how ever often you feel is necessary.  The update process is automatic and will require no effort on your behalf.  If you want your website updated every night, you just configure your Data Agent to update every evening.  At night your Data Agent will extract all the approved information, dial your Internet connection and transfer your data to the Master Server. It's that simple!

For more information about Account Wizard, please read What Makes Account Wizard Different and How Account Wizard Works.

Electronic Commerce
Although there are many definitions, electronic commerce has come to mean the marketing and selling of goods via the Internet.  Account Wizard goes beyond simple electronic commerce to provide a complete e-Company solution.

For a more thorough discussion about Account Wizard features, please visit our Features page.

Subscription Based
Account Wizard is a monthly subscription based service.  You pay one low monthly fee and your clients have 24 hour access to your e-Company website.

Big Difference
For a more thorough discussion on what makes Account Wizard different, please visit our Differences page.

Setup Worries?
Account Wizard comes with full technical support ensuring that you never have to worry about help setting up your e-company. Technical Support is available by emailing

From the Data Agent to our Master Server, securing your information has been the number one concern while designing Account Wizard.  Find out more about Account Wizard Security.

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