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Account Wizard Testimonials

Platinum Communications

"Account Wizard has been an invaluable addition to my customer support and sales programs.  Now my customers can get information on their account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They also can place orders - at their convenience.  It even sends an e-mail message to my customer whenever their order ships.  What an amazing tool!"

                                            Cynthia Martin - President
                                            Platinum Communications

Back Thru The Future Microcomputers

"I would like to compliment your support staff for the A+ service and response we have received implementing the Account Wizard Online Shopping System. I have found Account Wizard to be considerably easier to install and administrate that I had anticipated. It has allowed our company to present an accurate and timely inventory position to our online shoppers with minimum effort. It amazes me (and thrills me) when I visit our competitions web sites and they don't offer online shopping. In less than one year with Account Wizard we can trace over 50% of our sales to either direct online orders or individuals who found what they wanted on our web site. That's in excess of 250 orders per month.

Your support staff has made me feel as if they were our employees with the attention they have paid to our requests. I highly recommend Account Wizard as a quick and inexpensive path to provide web site shopping.

                                            Dan Bayha - Vice President
                                            Back Thru The Future Microcomputers

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