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Equipment / Vendors

The Account Wizard service is operated via two data centers, located in New Jersey, US and California, US. Some of the products, capabilities, and tools used to provide the Account Wizard service include:

Network/System Infastructure and Security

The Account Wizard network is hosted on redundant OC48 backbone feeds provided by 10 Tier 1 providers.  Datacenters are located on the east and west coast of the United States with new centers being introduced to Londan and Mid-West US in mid to late 2002.  Utilizing BGP and other propriatary routing methods, this means that no matter where your customers are, they are guaranteed to be routed through the shortest route, at the highest speed available. 

The Account Wizard system is hosted across a network of 10 Servers and Network Appliances.  Each server is built to the highest specifications and for a specific purpose, making for a well balanced, high performance business experience.  For a diagram of the system infastructure please click here...

buys transit from 10 Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Qwest and Level 3 and has over 4GB of provisioned data capacity. Utilizing a unique network infrastructure and proprietary routing technology, we can deliver you unsurpassed speed, reliability and virtually unlimited scalability.

Network Partners
Account Wizard's data transit is provided by 10 Tier 1 backbone providers making up over 4GB of provisionable data capacity.  Providers include the following:
These are the servers we use...
Physical Protection/Security
Things will go on running because...
Web Hosting Software
Our Servers Run...
Development Environment
We made this using...
Routers & Switches
Flagship series Cisco 7500 routers and Catalyst 5500 switches are used to connect server segments to the Internet and provide our customers with 99% uptime.

cisco7000.gif (3838 bytes)


For optimal performance and no bottlenecks, UNIX sites are hosted on top-of-the-line Sun Microsystems Cobalt RaQ Servers. NT sites are hosted on Compaq ProLiant series servers.

sgi5.jpg (1581 bytes)

apc.gif (2993 bytes)

Power Supplies
Uninterruptable power supply is provided at the server level by APC battery backups.
Web Hosting Software
All generated sites are produced through Windows 2000 Servers using Microsoft Internet Information Server with Internet Information Server v5.0 with Active Server Pages.  Data Services provided by Microsoft SQL 2000 Server.  Hosted site management interfaces provided by Sun Systems' Cobalt RaQ Management Services.

Windows 2000 Deticated Servers

visualinterdev.jpg (11061 bytes)

Development Environment
Our developers use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 for all feature additions in conjunction with Borland Dephi 6.0 for additional server process development.

Accounting System Support
Accounting system support is assisted with products from Smithware, DataBlox and Microchip Data Systems.

Btrieve 6.15

* Equipment utilized varies with site, account options selected, and changes in development. All equipment subject to change without notice.


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