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Supported Accounting Systems

Account Wizard currently supports more than 28 different accounting systems, and we are adding more every month! We work closely with accounting system manufacturers to ensure proper integration with the Account Wizard service.

Account Wizard is an open system. So, if you do not see your system listed, it is only because we have not been contacted by your accounting system manufacturer. Give them a call and tell them you want your Account Wizard!
Currently Supported




ACCOUNTMATE.GIF (11316 bytes) Accountmate Software Corporation Visual Accountmate SQL (v5.0)
Accounting Central, Inc. Ovations
Accura Software Accura Applications (v 4.0)
CATSnds New Data Systems CATSnds (v.99)
Champion Business Systems, Inc. Champion Controller (v. 9.1,8.0,7.1)
Champion Profit (v. 4.0, 3.2)
Cougar Mountain Software Accounting for Windows v5.1
Fund Accounting for Windows v5.1
Millennium Software, LLC Atrex
positive.gif (17074 bytes) Positive Software Company POSitive Retailer for Windows v1.0, 2.0
redwing.gif (5306 bytes) Red Wing Business Systems, Inc. Redwing Windows Accounting Series (v. 3, 2)
Uptrends Management Software Uptrends
Safavieh Accounting for Windows (available in 64 bit version 8 )

NOTE: If your system is not listed here, please take a moment to e-mail us with your name, company name and accounting system vendor contact information. We will check our schedule and contact your vendor to do all we can to get you direct support for your system.

*All products are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

To use Account Wizard, you will need:

  • PC with a 486/66 MHz or higher processor (Intel Pentium 90 processor recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4.0 operating system
  • 16 MB of RAM (32 MB of RAM recommended)
  • 50 MB of hard-disk space (100 MB recommended)
  • VGA or higher-resolution (Super VGA recommended)
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.
  • Dial-up account to the Internet (28.8 data rate as a minimum)
  • Accounting System compatible with the Data Agent (Account Wizard ships with support for popular accounting systems and data files. In the event that your accounting system is unique, additional drivers may need to be obtained from your accounting system vendor.)

To access Account Wizard, your customers will need:

  • Access to the Internet
  • A version 2.0 browser or better


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